Wes Hāl, Wordhord
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Hwæt! Here we are again, the yearly site redesign with an added attempt to write more 'blogposts'. Remember those?

The past few years have felt like an extensive exercise in being unreflective about everything: my work, my hobbies, my self. I'm hoping that having a place to quickly jot things will aid this process, as I slowly try and claw together a sense of self again.

I didn't use something established like Wordpress or Ghost for this for a couple of reasons. First is that re-inventing the wheel poorly with a new side project is a time honoured developer tradition. Secondly, my own hobby development practice has drifted towards making minimal tools for myself that just do what I need and nothing more, like Lámwyrhta. I want to create small tools that do a minimal task well, and that aren't overburdened with deployment steps or excess features, so I can have a handle on the whole stack and feel comfortable changing and adapting it.

To that end, I've made Wordhord. Minimal concern and generates a static site with no javascript. Maybe this is my own little push back against the increasingly bloated and slow internet that seems to have assembled itself around us. It could expand in scope in future, and serve as a kind of personal/portfolio site with a blog section, but for now it's just a tool that takes some text and puts it in a slightly different form in a slightly different place so that a browser can read it.